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Listing Your Home


At Harvey Kalles Real Estate the primary goal is to facilitate the smooth sale of your home by offering a full range of services.  We know that you have many choices as a homeowner, and we work hard to ensure that all our clients receive the value and service that they deserve.  Our mission is to earn clients for life by attending to every detail from the pre-listing phase to post-closing activities. We strive to save you time and minimize your stress by focusing our efforts on service and success.  We manage every stage of the marketing process.   Our commitment to excellence is founded upon honesty and integrity. We stand behind these ideals in each and every one of our transactions.  The proof is in our reputation, enormous referral network, and corporate affiliations.


We believe when it comes to superior service, the difference is in the  details. It all adds up to a distinctly better experience for you.

We are with you throughout the entire process.  Beginning with the initial consultation, time frame is established,  listing strategy and price discussed, staging suggestions to get top dollar for your home and much more. 




Did you know over 95% of home Buyers use the Internet as part of their home search?

Can you see why it is critical to work with a Realtor who uses innovative marketing strategies?

The Collection is Harvey Kalles Real Estate’s exclusive marketing magazine. It is hosted online and distributed digitally. It is produced in-house, every quarter. The content, listings, and advertisements are timely, interesting and interactive, providing our clients with an ideal way to connect with a large, targeted audience.



With our global social media presence and MLS® coverage, your listing will be seen by well over 80,000 reputable REALTORS®— plus over 150,000 of our own contacts many of whom will represent the perfect Buyer. 

We give you a high level of exposure for your home.  We work diligently to capture the attention of qualified local, national and international Buyers.  

We are members of TRREB and NAR. Recognized as Top Five Toronto and Top Fifteen Ontario Realtors on Instagram which give us the advantage to reach more potential Buyers. 

We have a deep understanding of the local real estate market, including trends, property values, inventory, and neighbourhood dynamics. We stay up to date with current market conditions and continuously educate ourselves about the industry.

Effective communication is crucial in real estate. A strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey information to our clients, negotiate offers, and maintain clear and consistent communication throughout the listing process.

We understand the importance of building and maintaining trust with our clients. We act in the best interests of our clients and are transparent and honest in our communications and transactions.  

Strong negotiation skills are crucial for us to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. We have the ability to advocate for our clients' interests, understand market dynamics, and skillfully negotiate offers.

Regardless of your reasons for selling your home, we understand your ultimate goal:
To achieve the best possible price for your home, in the shortest period of time, with terms that are favourable to you.

Harvey Kalles Real Estate’s Home Seller’s Guide is designed to educate you on exactly how to achieve this goal by providing you with the pertinent information for every step of the selling process, while introducing you to some of the unique tools available to the Harvey Kalles Real Estate sales team. 

Contact us to receive your copy of Harvey Kalles Real Estate's Home Seller's Guide.